The Manufacturing Consultants are a specialized group of experts that train professionals and consult specifically for the manufacturing industry. Emphasis is on factory operations, and how best to enhance performance and quality. If it is about niche training of manufacturing professionals or consultancy targeted at manufacturing then you should be talking to us

Consultancy Services

The Manufacturing Consultants offer specific manufacturing consultancy services in 3 major areas and along the courses they facilitate.

HRM Training

HR Warehouse offers you the total human resources solution, from recruitment and selection to training and development to performance and employee management.

Simulation Training

Our AnyLogic Simulation Training offers you a very broad variety of modeling techniques: AnyLogic is a System Dynamics, a Discrete Event and… 


The AnyLogic Company is a leading provider of dynamic simulation tools, technologies and consulting services for business applications. 

Our World

The Manufacturing Consultants are a group of manufacturing professionals, brought together as a result of manufacturing related needs. The needs we focus on are on ensuring the manufacturing operations of an organization are kept at the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

The Manufacturing Consultants will help you develop, deploy and manage a comprehensive manufacturing strategy that will enhance Key Performance Indicators in your manufacturing operations.

Our expertise is in the area of analysing functional processes, linking these processes with the business objectives and market challenges, and proffering practical strategies and solutions to ensure sustainable growth of the business.


Manufacturing Strategy

This is a top management course that aims to match manufacturing operations with business strategy.Typical participants include technical managers and directors, plant managers and production managers. Participants will be taken through manufacturing strategy models and frameworks that will enable them design and implement a manufacturing strategy

Manufacturing Systems Management

The Manufacturing Systems course is a 2-day, highly practical and interactive course, targeted at managing manufacturing systems for improved systems performance. The course has been developed in response to the growing demand for skilled professionals to implement positive change across production operations. The course is designed for general manufacturing operations, but teaching is highly focused on the participants actual work environment

Manufacturing Operations Analysis

This course is targeted at middle to upper level management personnel in manufacturing organizations. These will include plant managers, production managers, project managers, line managers and systems managers Manufacturing operations involves all those manufacturing activities from inputs to processing to outputs. The aim of the course is to develop in participants, a logical approach to analysing a manufacturing system.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a systematic approach to identify and eliminate waste (non-value added activities). It is using an intelligent asset management philosophy that aims to utilize the least resource possible to achieve maximum efficiency and performance in a manufacturing plant. In this course participants will be introduced to lean thinking in manufacturing

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